The clever lever for V-Star clutches 

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I'm a first time rider and I was about to give up on riding my motorcyle when I found the "clevver".  I was constantly stalling out in first and would just lower my head and wonder if I would ever master first gear.  I can say since making the purchase I'm stall free!  I'm so excited about the "clevver".  Shifting has become much smoother as well!!!!  Thank You So Much
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Happy Lady - IBCNU



Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an awesome product. The clevver was installed in June and have never looked back. Way to go.

Jedi rider

I just installed the Clevver on my 650 V Star and the improvement was instantaneous and drastic. It's such a simple solution I can't believe Yamaha didn't think of it. Thanks and I hope more V Star riders find this product.

Best Regards

What a great product!! I recently purchased an 06 V-Star 1100 and I knew that my riding skills were better than my performance showed. A couple of different forums mentioned the Clevver and after reading about it, I knew it was the fix. I put it on this past weekend (easy installation) and it completely changes the game. No more feeling for the friction zone upon takeoff. Just go! Slow speed operation is a cinch. The Clevver sure put the fun into riding a V-Star.

Thanx again,


I installed the Clevver lever on 6/6. On 6/8 I went to the Americade at Lake George, NY. About a 300 mile round trip for me. I'm 64 years old and have very arthritic hands. Having that Clevver lever made a HUGE difference in that ride for me. You are to be highly commended for thinking up this idea to help other people out and the price you charged is certainly in line with the price of the handle plus machining.

A very satisfied customer,

I'm not big on endorsing a product unless it really impresses me and The Clevver does just that. I AM NOT AFFILIATED!

I saw the ad for this replacement clutch lever and was intrigued. I have never been impressed with the clutches on many Yamaha cruisers and I had been tweaking on the one on my '05 650 V-Star. I had it where it was OK but it still had a very poor sweet spot.

The package came in two days and it was a breeze to install. Clear instructions were included. It took about an hour start-to-finish before I was ready for a road test and WOW! I had to go around the block a few times, returning to my garage to tweak it a little more but after a few adjustments I am totally impressed.

The product does all it claims. The release of the clutch is crisp. Clutch friction can be felt much earlier during the release of the clutch handle and the sweet spot is much earlier in the release. It also feels like it takes about a third less pressure to manipulate the clutch.

Frankly, there's not a lot to it.  They have taken a stock clutch lever and relocated the cable seat and then cut a ditch for the cable to run through.  This changed the amount of pull and apparently changed the angle, thus reducing the felt resistance. works.  I could have done the work if I had the time but I don't.

This is probably one of the cheapest mods I have ever done and I feel like it is worth much more than I paid for it!

Michael "Mike" Renshaw, 6/2/11

Awesome.  Allowed me to fall in love with my bike all over again.  I don’t think it can be explained what a difference this lever makes.  You just have to feel it.  Thanks for such a great product that’s also affordable and easy to install.
G. Jackson, New Market, TN   6/10/10


Roger,just a note for your testamonials. My husband fixed my VTX so I really loved the new clutch feel. Well when I totalled that one and we bought a VStar Silverado Classic I almost got rid of it because of the clutch and how it functioned just as bad as the VTX in the beginning. I'm 5.1 and have small hands and the friction zone and pull was horrid. Husband found your product by accident and I',m delighted with the product and I will start enjoying my ride. Thanks again

Donna S., Belton, Mo.  4/2/10


Just wanted to write you and say a BIG THANKS for the excellent clutch lever! I have ridden motorcycles for 32 years and I recently sold my 2001 V-Star 1100 and bought a new V-Star 950. I have always noticed the short friction zone of the V-Stars ( my best friend and my husband both had 650s) but did not know there was such a simple solution to the problem. I ordered my Clevver as soon as I found about them and when it arrived it took me a whole 20 min. to install it. As soon as I rode it I could tell the difference immediately! The clutch actually make the bike a pleasure to ride at slow speeds! I wish I had known about this earlier on my old 1100! No more revving the engine to get the clutch "in the zone" for me!

Thanks again, Donna King, Oak Ridge, TN  3/28/10

Sure you can use my email Roger......with a product as great AND as easy to install as yours is, all I can say is get the word out ASAP! These things should sell like hotcakes to every v-star owner!



Surprised by the ease of the install and the improvement in function. This made it so much easier to control the "sweet spot" during slow speed riding. The instructions were clear with added pictures to help. I am surprised Yamaha doesn't do this fix from the factory. Anyway, thank you for the fix to a big problem.
JCM, LA, 2/18/10


Beautiful.  Small price to pay for a functional product like this.  I've paid more for chrome that does nothing but sparkle in the sunlight.
PV, NJ  2/9/10

I've got this on my bike, best $ I've spent yet. It completely changes the feel of the clutch. It's much easier to hold the bike on a hill with just the clutch, and low-speed maneuvering is simpler as well. Better yet, my wife can actually get the bike rolling without stalling. Put one on the wife’s bike.
SG, Michigan

Does increase the friction zone, not by a lot, but enough to be noticeable and especially give better control in slow moving traffic situations. By moving the leverage position, it also gives the lever a little lighter feel, not as hard to pull (not that stock is). If you are a newer rider, or have problems stalling the bike on starts, the Clevver is definitely a help. Not overpriced either.
BG, Georgia

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for the "clever-lever" indeed!    The difference it has made is truly amazing! 

Thank you Thank you Thank you for creating this wonderful solution!
Best regards,
LA, Bentwood, NY   : )

Got it and installed it... just great!

TD, Laval, Qc



Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  This has made an amazing difference in the way the bike shifts and gets moving.  I no longer stall the bike at stop lights, and rarely miss a shift to neutral or 2nd gear once rolling.  Even after years of riding, I was unable to "get used to" or "get comfortable" with the clutch on my 650 Classic.  This works great with the Seritec mod, and the two turn what I consider a serious design flaw into a minor issue.  My wife is a new rider, and this makes it easy to ride on a bike that was difficult, if not impossible to learn safely on. 

I sincerely hope you have patented this idea - it makes a huge difference.
Thanks again,

JS, Brighton, MI

Works just as advertised.  Very smooth upshifts.  Great control in parking lots.  Well worth the money.

GG, Buffalo, NY


This email is our first testimonial from an excited lady:

Dear Sir,

I am so excited about getting my “Clevver”  that I have peed myself.  Oops, again, oh well. 

MBJ, Fort Lauderdale, FL

 $39 plus s/h 


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Enjoy the ride !!


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