The clever lever for V-Star clutches 

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Installation Instructions

1.  Remove the nut from the underside of the pivot bolt.


  2.  Remove the pivot bolt.


3.  Pull back the rubber boot covering the cable adjusting nut.


  4.  Loosen the locking nut until it meets the head of
 the adjusting bolt.


5.  Turn the adjusting bolt in (clockwise) until it  won't go any farther.


  6.  Back off the adjusting bolt and locking nut until
the grooves align with the groove in the lever.
7.  Slide the cable out of the slot and pull the lever out of the perch.


  8.  Remove the cable from the lever.                                   
9.  Push the pivot bushing out of the lever with your finger, a wooden dowel or a soft tool.


  10.  Insert the bushing into the Clevver and seat it
 fully using the same care to prevent damage.
11.  Insert the cable into the Clevver as shown.  Make sure the end of the cable is in the seat closest to the pivot.


  12. Insert the Clevver into the perch being careful to
 depress the clutch switch button to clear
 the switch paddle.
13.  Insert the pivot bolt, rotating it until it seats   and replace the self locking nut.  Do not over- tighten.   14.  Turn the adjusting bolt out (counter clockwise)
 until there is 1/4 to 3/8" free play as measured at
 the end of the lever.  Secure in place with locking
 nut and replace boot.

Refer to your Owner's Manual for a full description of the cable adjusting and lubrication methods and specifications.

It is possible to increase the free play to bring the friction zone closer to the handlebar grip.  However, it must
be kept in mind that the clutch must be fully engaged at least 1/4" before it's outermost limit
and fully disengaged before the lever reaches the handlebar grip.

Enjoy the ride !!

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