The clever lever for V-Star clutches 

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One of the most common complaints about Yamaha  cruisers is the tiny Friction Zone

and the elusiveness of the ￿sweet spot￿ necessary for low speed maneuvers. 

The clutch is almost like an on-off switch.

The Clevver is an OEM style replacement for your stock lever, with improved geometry to

 increase the size of the Friction Zone  by 50%

and decrease the amount of pull needed by 33%.


    •   Smoooth shifting

    •   Improve your slow speed maneuvers

    •   Increase size of the friction zone by 50%

    •   Decrease the amount of pull needed by 33%

    •   Stops stalling at take-off

  Now Available in either



  Finger Ridge




 1998-2014    V-Star 650 Classic and Silverado
 2009-2014  V-Star 950 (All)
 1999-2009  V-Star 1100 Classic and Silverado  
 2007-2014  V-Star 1300 & Tourer

                  PRICE  -  $39 plus s/h   Fits the these models: 



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 1998-2014  V-Star 650 Custom
 1999-2008  V-Star 1100 Custom

PRICE  -  $68 plus s/h    Fits the these models:

The Clevver can be adapted to the Custom models by switching out the Custom lever housing with the Classic lever housing.  Price includes both the lever and the housing.

This is done by removing the left grip, switch housing and lever housing, installing the Clevver and Classic lever housing, and remounting the switch holder and grip.

The Clevver is sturdier and stronger and about 3/8" wider than the Custom lever, but will probably go unnoticed as being different than the brake lever.  I have mismatched levers on my personal bike, and after 55,000+ miles, no one has ever noticed the difference.

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 ...or, send check or money order payable to:

Ronald Eckert 17657 SE 133rd CT Weirsdale, FL 32195

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Enjoy the ride !!

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