The clever lever for V-Star clutches 

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Will the Clevver damage my clutch, transmission or engine?

Not at all.  The Clevver only allows you to better manage the friction zone and does nothing to alter the mechanics of the motorcycle.  If anything, the Clevver will prolong the life of the drive train.

Will the Clevver match my brake lever?

Yes.  The Clevver is made from the same clutch lever you can buy at your Yamaha dealer for $34.48 plus tax.  The internal cable anchor point and channels have been modified to get the desired effect.

Has it been tested?

Thoroughly. Since May, 2007 it has logged 17,000+ miles on my V-Star 650 and 38,000+ miles on my V-Star 1100 with NO negative effects.

How difficult is it to install?

It's a piece of cake.  Only a 10mm socket and maybe a pliers are required to do the installation and adjustment in about 10 minutes.  The Clevver comes with detailed instructions.

How does it work?

For a full description of how a lever works, see Theory.

Are there any side effects from using the Clevver?

There have been many reported cases of users entering a state of euphoria characterized by feelings of power, command and control. This may result in sudden urges to do slow speed maneuvers in vacant parking lots and occasionally, the wearing of Nazi symbols on outer clothing. Donít worry as this will subside after a short period and a demure confidence will take itís place. WARNING: The use of this product does not protect from STDs, including HIV. If an erection lasts more than four hours notify your doctor immediatelyÖor maybe a week or two. No animals were harmed in the testing of this product.

In looking at the photos, it looks like something I could do myself.  Just drill a hole...right?

It's not that simple.  The placement for the hole for the cable end is critical.  If it's off by just a fraction of an inch the lever could be rendered useless or cause a malfunction.  Then, the vertical channel has to be milled to accept the cable, and finally, the horizontal channel must be extended at the proper angle to guide the cable without damage and to prevent the establishment of a secondary fulcrum point during it's function.

I got used to my clutch.  Why do I need this?

Getting "used to it" is not a's a compromise.  At one time, you probably "got used to" a telephone tethered to a booth, but smart money says that now you won't give up your new cell phone.

I've heard of some people that shift without even using the clutch.  Is the clutch that important?

Every vehicle has a clutch, even those with automatic transmissions.  The purpose of the clutch is to transfer power smoothly and progressively to the drive wheel(s).  An experienced rider can up shift by carefully adjusting the throttle on the fly.  But, a misjudgment of engine speed can damage the transmission and engine.  Is it worth the risk?

 $39 plus s/h


Enjoy the ride !!

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